Students who are interested in your lessons will send an inquiry. In some cases you will need to discuss with them further about the lessons. In other cases, they will ask for a booking request for a particular date and time.

  1. Click the Inquiries button at the top right corner of the page header.
  2. Select the student you’re going to book a lesson with.
  3. Once you’ve agreed on the lesson type and schedule, click the button that says Book a lesson with (Student Name).
  4. The booking request form is usually pre-filled with the offering and lesson type. You can change this by clicking Change Term.
  5. Enter the agreed upon date, time, and address. You may add other notes such as your Skype ID (if online lessons).
  6. Click Book.

You can view all pending, confirmed, and cancelled booking requests in the Bookings tab on your dashboard.