Your Classes A to Z web space can support your website, but it can also stand alone. Either way, our whole team is dedicated to getting it seen by hundreds to thousands of visitors. Once your web space has active offerings we automatically include you in the search results where relevant. In addition, we also do various social media marketing and paid advertisements for selected teachers.

More exposure means higher chances of someone booking a lesson – at least, if someone who sees your ad clicks through to your web space. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to make sure that your web space is eye-catching and interesting. Here are some tips on how you can maximise your web space.



Smiling is good for your psyche, and it makes your web space look infinitely better in an instant. Our registered members are in no way obligated to upload a smiling photo; however, it’s worth noting that studies show that a smiling face is viewed as more attractive, reliable, and sincere. These qualities are appealing to anyone looking for a teacher for themselves or a child.

Choose a banner

The banner isn’t just there for decoration. Your chosen image, whether it’s one we provided or one you uploaded yourself, completes the look and feel of your web space. You can set your banner here.

Write a biography

And keep it light and relevant. The biography is not required for your web space to go live, but it’s good to write down a brief introduction for your visitors. Say hi. Add a bit of your experiences and qualification to boost your credibility. Just avoid oversharing so it doesn’t become too long to read.


The primary purpose of your web space is to showcase who you are as a teacher, tutor, instructor, coach, or trainer. Making the best of it increases its chances of catching a potential student’s attention and should entice them enough to send an inquiry and book a lesson. Best of luck!