Courses are generally workshops or blocks of lessons, for individuals, small groups, or even big groups. The teacher will either conduct the lesson during one long session or a set number of lessons, paid for in advance, over a period of time.

Note: You must be on a Basic or Standard account to post offerings.

  1. Click the My Classes tab on your dashboard.
  2. Click the Subjects sub-tab.
  3. Select the subject for which you’d like to add an offering.
  4. Choose Course.
  5. Choose the lesson type, indicating where the lessons can take place. It can be online, at the student’s home, or somewhere else of your choosing (your home or a neutral location).
  6. Choose the specific age range you’re willing to teach. If the lessons can be for all ages, tick the circle that says All Ages.
  7. Include a lesson title – this will be the title of the ad that appears in search results.
  8. Say something about this particular offering.
  9. Set the rate of the full course.
  10. If you ticked Travel to Student, indicate many miles you’re willing to travel to the student.
  11. Click Create.