Why You Should Offer Courses

Many independent teachers wouldn’t even think of putting together and offering courses. But we’re here to tell you why it makes you a more effective and successful teacher. One common frustration among tutors, coaches, and instructors is taking on new clients who book their sessions sporadically. This is hardly ever your fault as, by not making […]

Why You Should Connect with Current/Past Students

We know what you’re thinking: you signed up for Classes A to Z in order to get new students. Why would you want to use a teacher directory to connect with students you have already worked with? The answer is simple: Reputation. If there’s anyone who can testify to your skills as a teacher, it’s […]

The Best Way to Set Up Your CAZ Web Space

  Your Classes A to Z web space can support your website, but it can also stand alone. Either way, our whole team is dedicated to getting it seen by hundreds to thousands of visitors. Once your web space has active offerings we automatically include you in the search results where relevant. In addition, we […]