Manage Bookings

Inquiries and Booking – Overview

Students can send inquiries – or messages – regarding a teacher, the subject, or the offerings. You can freely discuss the details through our messaging system. Once you’ve agreed on the offering, location, and schedule,  send a Booking Request to the student to formalize the deal.

Booking Lessons

Students who are interested in your lessons will send an inquiry. In some cases you will need to discuss with them further about the lessons. In other cases, they will ask for a booking request for a particular date and time. Click the Inquiries button at the top right corner of the page header. Select […]

Booking Statuses

Each booking request sent to a potential student will undergo different stages. The status of each one will be displayed in the Bookings tab. There are five possible statuses: Awaiting Confirmation When you’ve sent the booking request and are waiting for the student to respond. Confirmed The student has clicked ‘Confirm’ on the booking request and […]

Changing details of booking request

If at any point you and the student have agreed to reschedule or cancel the lesson, you can do this from the Booking tab on your dashboard. Find the booking request you want to change. Click the Cancel Booking on the lower right hand corner of the page to cancel, OR Click Update Booking on […]

Cancelling a Booking

If for any reason you won’t be able to attend a scheduled class, it is your duty to cancel the booking request. The student will be notified via email and on their dashboard that the lesson has been cancelled. Click the Bookings tab on your dashboard. Search for the booking you need to cancel.